Integrating with an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is crucial for maximizing the benefits of the Develop Health platform. This guide provides details on the requirements for a full-fledged implementation.

Request for EHR Integration

Develop Health is committed to providing seamless interoperability. While we are ready to integrate with various EHR systems, it’s essential to note that integration is initiated upon request. If your organization utilizes an EHR not currently supported, please contact us, and we’ll work towards implementing a custom solution tailored to your needs.

Required Access for Full Feature Implementation

For Develop Health’s platform to function at its optimum level, it requires access to specific data sets within your EHR. Here’s a breakdown:

1. Patient Demographics

  • Name: The full name of the patient.
  • Date of Birth: To ascertain age and other age-related determinants.
  • Address: The current residence address of the patient.
  • Phone Number: Phone number of the patient
  • Email Address: (optional) An email for the patient is needed if you want us to communicate with them to provide status notifications

2. Prescription Order Information

  • Substance: The name of the drug or medication prescribed.
  • Dose, Quantity, and Units: Specific details about the medication’s prescribed amount.
  • Indications or Diagnoses: Reasons associated with the prescription.
  • Ordering Provider Details: Includes the ordering provider’s name, clinic name, and clinic address.

3. Comprehensive Patient History

  • Current and Past Medications: Details about any medicines the patient is currently taking or has taken in the past.
  • Current and Past Conditions: Any medical conditions the patient currently has or has had in the past.
  • Vitals: Basic vitals like blood pressure, temperature, pulse, etc.
  • Drug Intolerances: Any known drug or substance the patient is intolerant to.
  • Intake Forms and Relevant Questionnaires: Forms filled out by the patient during initial visits or specific treatments.
  • Visit Notes: Detailed notes made by healthcare providers during patient visits.

4. Additional Patient Details

  • Preferred Pharmacy: Information about where the patient typically gets their prescriptions filled.
  • Insurance Information: While we can extract these directly from insurance card images, providing this information from the EHR can streamline processes. We require the RXBin, RXGroup, RXPCN, and State.

Initiating the Integration Process

To initiate the EHR integration process:

  1. Ensure your EHR system allows third-party integrations and data access.
  2. Contact our technical team through our Support portal or directly email us.
  3. Our team will work with your IT personnel to facilitate a smooth integration process.

By providing access to the above-mentioned resources, you empower Develop Health to deliver a holistic and effective service, ensuring that the barriers to medication access are minimized. Integration is a critical step towards redefining healthcare accessibility and efficiency.