Welcome to Develop Health, where we streamline the critical processes of prior authorization, benefit verification, and Clinical Qualification determination. Our mission is to assist healthcare providers with intelligent tools that clarify which medications are approved by a patient’s insurance plan, enabling informed decisions that can expedite care and adhere to plan provisions.

Our Vision

We foresee a healthcare system where the process of prescribing medication is fluid, informed by real-time insights into insurance coverage. Develop Health stands at the forefront of this transformation, facilitating a direct and efficient pathway for providers to secure the necessary approvals, ensuring that patients receive their treatments without undue delay.

Current Prescribing Workflow


Prescribing Workflow with Develop Health


Prioritizing Efficiency and Access

Benefit Verification

Our system rapidly verifies patient coverage, identifies prior authorization needs, and estimates patient costs, all aimed at delivering the insights needed for effective decision-making at the point of care.

Clinical Qualification

Coming Soon

This product is in development and coming soon.

Anticipating the integration of clinical data, we are enhancing our benefit verification process to provide a comprehensive view of which drugs are covered under a patient’s plan and meet the clinical criteria, as dictated by their plan’s prior authorization policy.

Prior Authorization

On Roadmap

This product is on our roadmap. In the interim we support autofilling prior authorizations and inbound fax parsing through our Chrome Extension.

Our approach to prior authorizations is to streamline this often complex process, equipping providers with all the relevant information upfront, thus reducing the time to treatment and operational expenditures associated with lengthy approval processes.

Our Value Proposition

The dual advantages that Develop Health offers are clear: providers save significant time and operational costs, while patients benefit from decreased time to therapy. By refining the way prior authorizations and benefit verifications are handled, we empower providers to navigate insurance constraints efficiently, improving the overall care journey for their patients.


Develop Health is your partner in the pursuit of a more responsive and patient-centric healthcare system. Through our advanced platform, we are committed to reducing the barriers to timely medication access, providing support every step of the way. Join us in our commitment to innovation and operational excellence in healthcare.

Explore our documentation further to see how Develop Health can revolutionize medication access for your organization. Let’s collaborate to redefine the future of medication accessibility.