At Develop Health, we prioritize the sanctity and safety of every piece of data that interacts with our system. We’ve combined industry-standard practices with cutting-edge technology and partnerships to guarantee that our operations are transparent, compliant, and secure.

Regulatory Compliance

HIPAA Compliant

Our commitment to patient data privacy is unwavering. We ensure strict adherence to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protocols, ensuring the security and confidentiality of all patient health data. Our HIPAA-compliance certification is through Vanta, a trusted name in the industry.

SOC2 Certification

By the end of Q1 2024, we aim to be SOC2 certified. This is a testament to our dedication to maintaining stringent data security and privacy protocols throughout our operations. We are currently in our SOC2 audit window.

vCISO Partnership

Our collaboration with Rhymetec, a distinguished vCISO, allows us to strengthen our cybersecurity measures continually. This partnership ensures the continual integrity and resilience of our systems against potential threats.

AI Model Management

LLM Integration

We harness the computational prowess of OpenAI’s premier models - GPT-4 and GPT3.5 Turbo. This integration guarantees dynamic, top-quality, and prompt response generation, tailored to address complex medical queries.

Zero Data Retention Policy

We’re ardent advocates of data privacy. Aligned with OpenAI’s zero data retention policy, we ensure that any patient data sent to OpenAI for processing is neither stored nor retained.

Binding Agreement with OpenAI

Our Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with OpenAI adds an extra layer of legal and ethical security. This agreement assures our clients that patient data handling is performed with the utmost responsibility.

Autofilling Patient Safety Checks

Hybrid Answer Generation

Our AI-powered system uses a unique blend of iterative LLM calls and explicitly coded rules. This ensures that responses to medication prior authorization inquiries are both accurate and reliable.

Confidence Assessment

Each AI-generated response undergoes a rigorous confidence assessment. By sidestepping the autofill of answers that fall below a certain confidence threshold, we ensure the paramount safety of the patients.

Answer Modification Monitoring

We actively monitor any user modifications to AI-provided answers. This feedback loop allows us to refine and enhance the accuracy and utility of our responses continually.

Quality Assurance Before Deployment

Evaluation at Scale

Prior to releasing any updates or changes to our AI-driven operations, we conduct expansive internal evaluations. This ensures that any changes are aligned with our commitment to providing consistent, high-quality patient support.

With Develop Health, you’re choosing a partner that places patient data security, privacy, and safety at the forefront. Let’s navigate the future of healthcare with confidence and peace of mind.