On Roadmap

This feature is on our roadmap and will be developed alongside a design partner.

At Develop Health, we’re dedicated to simplifying healthcare experiences. The Automated Support Enrollment system is a beacon of this commitment, offering a streamlined process for enrolling patients into support programs. Through our user-friendly platform and a robust API, we’ve made patient enrollment into support programs a hassle-free endeavor.

How It Works:

1. Identifying the Need for Support Programs:

  • Platform: Our system evaluates the patient’s prescribed medications and checks against our database to determine if a support program is offered by a hub service or drug manufacturer.

  • API: Developers can tap into the API endpoint Support Program to verify the availability of support programs based on the specific medication prescribed to the patient.

2. Selection, Autofilling, and Enrollment Preparation:

  • Platform: Utilizing the patient’s data, our platform seamlessly fills in the necessary fields, identifies the right enrollment form, and readies it for fax submission. Users can then review and confirm the enrollment.

  • API: The consolidated Patient Enrollment endpoint manages the entire enrollment procedure for developers. From selecting the right form, autofilling the essential details, to getting it set for fax transmission. After this, the endpoint provides a link for users to inspect the filled-out form and manually confirm the support program enrollment.

3. Finalizing Enrollment via Fax:

  • Platform: Users are presented with a clear interface to go over the auto-populated enrollment form. Post-review, the system uses fax to dispatch the form directly to the relevant support program.

  • API: With the Patient Enrollment endpoint orchestrating the form’s readiness, the hands-on review and fax submission guarantee precision and adherence to the specific program’s standards.


  • Rapid Enrollment: Our streamlined methodology facilitates swift support program enrollments, eliminating lengthy traditional processes.

  • Accuracy: Thanks to our AI-backed approach and rigorous data checks, we assure precise form submissions, enhancing the probability of successful enrollments.

  • Seamlessness: Designed to cater to both healthcare providers using our platform and developers accessing our API, the automated support enrollment system addresses diverse needs with ease.


Develop Health’s Automated Support Enrollment system is a testament to our drive to reinvent healthcare procedures. By integrating the capabilities of our platform with our API’s robustness, we deliver a solution that transforms the often complicated support program enrollment task into an effortless and efficient activity.