Develop Health’s analytics platform delivers powerful, data-driven insights tailored to the unique needs of healthcare professionals. Segmented into three distinct categories, our platform ensures a comprehensive understanding of every facet of your operations.

Analytics Dashboard

1. Understanding Prior Authorization (PA):

Determinations Overview:

  • By Payer: Gain clarity on how different insurance providers respond to your PA submissions.
  • By Drug: Identify which medications encounter the most resistance and approval, allowing for better strategy formulation.
  • Denial Reasons by Payer: Delve deep into the specifics of denial reasons to better tailor future submissions.
  • Determination Insights: A holistic view of all determinations, helping you make informed decisions.
  • PA Volumes: Stay updated on the volume of PA requests, enabling you to allocate resources effectively.

2. Staff Performance Insights:

Throughput and Efficiency:

  • Monitor the number of PA requests processed by each staff member to ensure even distribution of workload and identify high performers.

Approval Rate:

  • Understand the success rate of your team, tracking which members achieve the highest approval rates. This can highlight areas for further training or best practice sharing.

3. Product Performance Metrics:

Time to Fill:

  • Evaluate the efficiency of the product by measuring the time taken from receiving a PA request to its submission, helping pinpoint any potential delays.

Confidence Breakdown:

  • Access insights into the confidence levels associated with each answer provided, ensuring consistent and accurate information relay.

Answer Change Rate:

  • Monitor the frequency of answer modifications to determine the accuracy and reliability of initial responses.

Channel Submission Volumes:

  • Stay informed on the volume of submissions made through various channels, like phone calls, faxes, or ePA, optimizing the channel mix for better outcomes.

Harness the transformative power of Develop Health’s analytics to optimize every aspect of your operations, from PA submissions to staff performance and product efficiency.