At Develop Health, we’ve engineered an intelligent solution to the often cumbersome and time-consuming process of filling out prior authorization and enrollment forms. Our AI-Form Filling feature is a sophisticated system designed to streamline the completion of these essential documents with high precision, leveraging patient data efficiently.

Our Approach:

Utilizing cutting-edge machine learning strategies such as embeddings and fine-tuned models, we ensure that our technology is not only current but also poised for future advancements.

Data Collection and Synthesis:

Our process begins by gathering comprehensive patient data from EHR records, prescriptions, patient messages, and intake forms. This initial stage lays the groundwork for informed and precise data entry.

Intelligent Question Categorization:

We categorize queries from the forms into specific types to facilitate accurate data placement. By assigning questions to predefined categories, the system can intelligently map the relevant data to the corresponding fields on the form.

Iterative Context Reduction:

Our unique approach involves iterative context reduction to supply the most relevant context to the Q&A chain. This means our system dynamically narrows down the data it considers based on the specific category of the question. By focusing on the most pertinent information, the AI ensures a higher level of accuracy and relevance in the answers it generates.

The Q&A Chain:

The core of our AI-Form Filling feature is the Q&A Chain—a sequence of finely tuned models that analyze the categorized question and pull the requisite data from the patient’s information pool. It’s where the synthesized context meets the tailored inquiry, resulting in precise form field completions.

Verification through Critic Chain:

The Critic Chain serves as our verification mechanism, scrutinizing the responses and supporting evidence. It operates on a feedback loop, allowing the system to learn from any errors and refine the data extraction process continually.

Ongoing Improvement with the Evaluation Chain:

Through historical data assessments within the Evaluation Chain, our AI further hones its predictive capabilities, ensuring that our models evolve and adapt to new patterns and forms.

Advantages of AI-Form Filling:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Forms are filled rapidly, significantly reducing manual effort and associated time.

  • Greater Precision: The use of advanced AI models and iterative context reduction techniques culminates in high-accuracy data entries.

  • Seamless Integration: Our system is designed to integrate with existing healthcare databases and EHR systems, making implementation smooth and straightforward.

  • Adaptive Learning: The AI’s capacity to learn from each interaction ensures continuous improvement in handling diverse form types and data sets.


Develop Health’s AI-Form Filling feature is more than just automation—it’s a smart, adaptive, and reliable assistant in the healthcare administration process. By incorporating sophisticated AI techniques and continuous learning mechanisms, we ensure that the task of completing prior authorizations and enrollment forms is not just faster but smarter, allowing healthcare professionals to devote more time to patient care.