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Welcome to Develop Health’s insight into our Proactive Denial Notifications system. Our approach aims to revolutionize the prior authorization process by minimizing denials and ensuring patients get the care they need in a timely manner. This page dives deep into how we generate highly accurate proactive denial notifications for our users.

Core Components of Our Notifications:

1. Drug Label Information:

  • In-depth Analysis: Our platform continuously monitors and assimilates drug label information. This means we stay updated on approved dosages, recommended usage, potential side effects, and more.

  • Integration into Denial Prediction: By ensuring that all prescriptions align with the latest drug label information, we significantly reduce the risk of denial due to non-compliance with drug guidelines.

2. Formulary Data Integration:

  • Real-time Updates: We maintain up-to-date formulary data, ensuring our system knows which drugs are approved by specific PBMs/payers at all times.

  • Informed Alerts: If a prescribed drug isn’t on an approved list or if there’s a more suitable alternative, our notifications will highlight this to reduce the chances of a denial.

3. Clinical Decision Criteria:

  • Sourcing and Validation: Our platform sources clinical decision criteria directly from PBMs/payers. This data undergoes rigorous validation to ensure accuracy.

  • Cross-referencing Submissions: Each prior authorization submission is cross-referenced with these criteria. Any discrepancies or potential issues are immediately flagged, allowing healthcare providers to adjust their submissions proactively.

4. Historical Prior Authorization Data:

  • Vast Historical Database: We’ve accumulated an extensive database from past prior authorization submissions. This rich history offers a goldmine of insights.

  • Pattern Recognition: Leveraging advanced algorithms, our platform identifies patterns and commonalities in past denials. By comparing new submissions with this historical data, our system can predict potential denial points with remarkable accuracy.

How We Achieve Proactivity:

Data Fusion:

By combining drug label information, formulary data, clinical decision criteria, and historical insights, we achieve a holistic understanding of the prior authorization landscape. This integrated approach allows our platform to be one step ahead, predicting potential pitfalls before they become issues.

Advanced Analytics:

Our analytics engine employs machine learning algorithms to continuously improve our prediction accuracy. As more data flows into our system, our algorithms refine their understanding, ensuring our proactive denial notifications become even more precise over time.

Collaborative Feedback:

We encourage feedback from our users. By understanding the challenges faced in real-world scenarios, and incorporating this feedback, we ensure our system stays relevant and effective.


The Proactive Denial Notifications system at Develop Health is a product of extensive data analysis, advanced analytics, and a deep commitment to optimizing patient care. By staying ahead of potential issues, our platform empowers healthcare professionals to navigate the complex prior authorization landscape with confidence.