Develop Health introduces a cutting-edge AI Calling feature as a pivotal part of our Benefit Verification process. Once the appropriate PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Manager) is identified through our PBM Search service, our AI-powered system initiates contact to verify benefits with precision and efficiency.

Automated Contact with PBMs:

Our AI Calling technology dials the verified PBM number, often a direct line reserved for providers, to start the benefit verification process. It is equipped to navigate through PBM IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems and interact with human agents if necessary.

State-of-the-Art Voice Interactions:

The AI voice bot features the latest in speech synthesis, generating natural-sounding voices that facilitate smooth communication. This advanced technology ensures low latency in responses, which is essential to maintain the flow of conversation and prevent detection as an automated system.

Gathering Comprehensive Benefit Details:

Through the conversation with the PBM, our AI system collects critical information about the patient’s benefits, including coverage specifics, copay amounts, and any prior authorization requirements.

The Advantages of AI Calling:

  • Efficiency: The AI performs these calls swiftly, significantly reducing the time healthcare providers would spend on similar tasks.

  • Accuracy: With programmed scripts and response handling, our AI Calling ensures that all necessary questions are asked and that the information gathered is accurate and complete.

  • Undetectability: The realistic voice and timely responses make the AI Calling system indistinguishable from a human, allowing for uninterrupted information gathering.


The AI Calling feature within our Benefit Verification service at Develop Health represents our commitment to leveraging the latest technologies to support healthcare providers. By automating the benefit verification calls, we not only save time for providers but also help them access the information they need to ensure patients can quickly receive their prescribed treatments. Our AI Calling system is a testament to how innovation can streamline complex processes, ensuring a smoother healthcare experience for all parties involved.