Welcome to the Develop Health tasks dashboard. This comprehensive view provides an insight into both Prior Authorization and Patient Enrollment tasks, ensuring efficient management and streamlined processes.

Task View


The dashboard presents a consolidated view of all tasks awaiting action, from Prior Authorization requests to Patient Enrollment activities. Each task showcases essential details, such as the patient’s name, drug, status, type, creation date, and last update.

Filters & Views

Awaiting Action: This filter displays tasks that need immediate attention. A notification badge on the filter indicates the number of actions pending.

All Requests: View all tasks, regardless of their status or type.

Search Bar: Easily locate specific tasks by entering keywords related to the patient’s name, drug, or other related details.

Filter Icon: Fine-tune your view by filtering tasks based on various criteria, such as status, type, or date range.

Task Details

PATIENT: Displays the patient’s name associated with the task.

DRUG: Indicates the specific drug related to the task, aiding in quick identification and categorization.

STATUS: Provides an update on the task’s progression, such as “Review Needed.”

TYPE: Specifies the nature of the task - whether it’s for “Prior Authorization” or “Enrollment.”

CREATED ON: Shows the date when the task was initiated.

LAST UPDATED: Indicates the most recent date of any modification or update on the task.


Start Review: Clicking this button initiates the review process for the selected task. This action is crucial for tasks marked as “Review Needed.”

Pagination Controls: Navigate through multiple pages of tasks effortlessly. The bottom pagination bar indicates your current page and provides options to jump to other pages.

Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t worry about constantly checking the ‘Awaiting Action’ tab — we’ve got you covered with smart alerts sent directly to you through your preferred channels when an action is needed!
  • Utilize the search bar for pinpointed searches, especially when handling a large volume of tasks.
  • Stay organized by frequently updating the status of tasks as they progress.

Thank you for using the Develop Health tasks dashboard. By integrating both Prior Authorization and Patient Enrollment views, we aim to offer a seamless and efficient management experience. If you need assistance or have any questions, please reach out to our support team.