At Develop Health, our Proactive Reauthorizations feature is pivotal in providing uninterrupted patient care. It is thoughtfully designed to anticipate the renewal needs of prior authorizations, ensuring that healthcare providers are alerted before the current authorization period lapses.

Ensuring Unbroken Care

The essence of Proactive Reauthorizations lies in its ability to prevent any gaps in patient treatment. This is achieved by closely monitoring the lifecycle of each authorization and leveraging timely alerts for reauthorization actions.

Advanced Alerts for Reauthorization

Our system proactively identifies prior authorizations approaching their expiry and notifies the provider well in advance. This gives practitioners ample time to initiate the reauthorization process, avoiding any potential lapse in patient medication or services.

Streamlined Renewal Workflow

When it’s time to reauthorize, our platform facilitates a seamless renewal process:

  • Pre-Filling Information: Leveraging the details from the original authorization, our platform pre-fills the reauthorization form to expedite the process and minimize the likelihood of inaccuracies.

  • Retrieving Updated Clinical Data: Alongside utilizing existing authorization data, our platform also pulls the latest clinical data from the EHR. This ensures that reauthorization requests are supported by the most current patient information, reflecting any recent changes in the patient’s condition or treatment plan.

Synchronized with Treatment Cycles

Our system is intelligently synchronized with the patient’s treatment cycles, considering medication schedules and dosage frequencies to calculate the most appropriate timing for reauthorization alerts.

Data-Driven Reauthorization Timing

Using predictive analytics, Develop Health scrutinizes past authorization durations and outcomes to fine-tune the notification process. This data-driven approach not only aids in maintaining a consistent treatment regimen but also streamlines administrative workflow for healthcare providers.

Benefits of Proactive Reauthorizations:

  • No Interruptions in Treatment: Patients continue their treatment without disruption, contributing to better health outcomes.

  • Administrative Efficiency: Healthcare providers can manage reauthorization requirements more effectively, freeing up time for patient care.

  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction: The continuous care facilitated by timely reauthorizations leads to improved patient trust and satisfaction with their healthcare service.


Proactive Reauthorizations by Develop Health exemplify our dedication to innovative healthcare solutions. By providing advanced notice for renewals, integrating the latest patient data, and simplifying the reauthorization process, we empower healthcare providers to deliver continuous care. This proactive stance on healthcare management ensures that both providers and patients can navigate the treatment journey with confidence and ease.