At Develop Health, our mission is to revolutionize healthcare through innovative technologies. One of our standout solutions is the Automated Voice Outreach system. This system harnesses the power of modern telephony to expedite various healthcare processes, ensuring a smoother experience for providers and patients alike. The Automated Voice Outreach system handles both interactive voice response and live agent interaction.

How It Works:

1. Checking PA Status:

Using our Automated Voice Outreach, providers can effortlessly check the status of Prior Authorizations. No more long waits on the phone. Our system reaches out, engages in real-time dialogue, and retrieves the necessary information efficiently.

Note: Brief pauses for redacted PHI

2. PBM Wayfinding:

When the appropriate PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Manager) isn’t clearly indicated on a patient’s insurance card or existing data, our system uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to extract any contact numbers present on the card. The Automated Voice Outreach then dials the retrieved number, streamlining the PBM identification process.

3. Benefit Verification:

Stay updated on a patient’s coverage benefits without manual phone calls. Our Automated Voice Outreach system handles these verifications with speed and accuracy, communicating naturally without a predetermined script.

4. PA Submission:

Our system is equipped to submit Prior Authorizations. Instead of relying on fixed scripts, our outreach system actively listens and interacts, ensuring relevant details are communicated based on the nature of the inquiry.

Note: Contains no PHI, synthetic data

Call Parsing and Structured Data Return:

After each interaction, the call transcript is parsed. This parsing enables us to extract structured data from the conversation, aligning with the specific nature of the inquiry. This structured output can be seamlessly integrated into our platform and API response, furthering the digitization and automation of healthcare processes.


  • Efficiency: Eliminate the need for manual phone calls and reduce wait times with automated processes.

  • Accuracy: Leveraging OCR ensures precise number extraction from insurance cards, reducing the chances of reaching out to the wrong PBM.

  • Real-time Interaction: Instead of relying on predetermined scripts, our system dynamically interacts with the other end, ensuring relevant information is captured.

  • Structured Data Output: With the capability to parse call transcripts, our system provides structured data, ready for digital integration.


Develop Health’s Automated Voice Outreach system signifies our commitment to enhancing healthcare operations. By merging cutting-edge telephony with intelligent processing, we are transforming traditional phone-based tasks into streamlined, efficient, and data-rich interactions.