Utilizing Frontegg’s advanced authentication mechanisms, the Develop Health API ensures robust and straightforward authentication processes. This integration facilitates secure access, guaranteeing that only authorized users interact with the API, thus maintaining data security and integrity.

Frontegg JWT Authentication

1. User Login and Session Management

Frontegg enhances user management with secure login and session handling, integral for maintaining secure API interactions.

  • Step 1: Users sign in via the Develop Health portal, now powered by Frontegg.
  • Step 2: Frontegg manages user sessions with advanced features like MFA and SSO.

2. Secure API Access with JWT

API requests are authenticated using JWT tokens provided by Frontegg, ensuring each request is authenticated and authorized.

  • Step 1: Obtain a JWT token through Frontegg’s authentication process.
  • Step 2: Include the JWT token in the Authorization header of your API requests.

Note on JWT Tokens

Treat JWT tokens as sensitive information, akin to passwords. Avoid exposing them in client-side code or public repositories.

JWT Token-Based Authentication

Frontegg’s JWT tokens offer a secure and flexible way to authenticate API requests. This method is suitable for scenarios involving server-to-server communication or third-party integrations.

1. Generating and Using JWT Tokens

Step 1: Generate a JWT Token

Generate a JWT token within the Develop Health platform, via Frontegg.

Step 2: Use the JWT Token

Include the JWT token in the Authorization header for authenticated API requests.


curl -X POST 'https://api.develophealth.io/status' -H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_JWT_TOKEN'