Feb 29th 2024

  • Updated quickstart page to more accurately reflect current API endpoints.

Prior Authorization

  • Updated prior authorization endpoint title from “Submit” to “Autofill”
  • Removed coming soon from prior authorization endpoints
  • Removed the option to send diagnosis description in the prior authorization request. For now we’ll just accept the diagnosis code.

Benefit Verification

  • Marked gender as required in the benefit verification endpoint documentation to match existing functionality of the API.
  • Removed ‘coming soon’ from the insurance scanned content object. This is now live.

Feb 25th 2024

Benefit Verification

The following changes were made in the benefit verification endpoint:

  • Added ‘call_fallback’ as a possible option for verification_method type
  • Marked transcript and recording_url as nullable
  • Marked street_line_2 as nullable in the patient and provider address objects

Feb 21st 2024

Benefit Verification

  • The “Benefit Verification Updated” webhook payload now includes the full Benefit Verification object.

Feb 13th 2024

Benefit Verification Endpoint Updates

  • Added structured copay information
  • Added details of the upcoming insurance scanned_result object to the insurance body. This will start being returned soon.

Prior Authorization Endpoint Updates

We made various updates to the prior authorization endpoint to match the benefit verification endpoint and make it production ready. You’ll soon be able to submit requests to it. In the meantime the spec as it now stands in the docs is accurate and will be supported.

  • Moved insurance property from nested under patient to the top level to match the benefit verification endpoint. The structure has been updated to match the benefit verification endpoint.
  • Added optional pharmacy property
  • Updated prescription property
    • added required quantity property
    • made directions property required
    • added required strength property
    • added required dose_form property
    • added required dispense_unit property
    • added required route_of_administration property
  • Added outcome and submission objects into the prior authorization response. These will also be made available via the webhook. These objects include details such as the prior authorization status, and a url to open the prior auth in the submission platform.
  • Pushed support for arbitrary evidence files (PDFs, images, etc) to a future update. Currently we will support JSON formatted data, which can be unstructured text.