curl --request POST \
  --url \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer <token>'
  "priorAuthId": "<string>"

This endpoint allows you to manually trigger a status check for a prior authorization. Once a prior authorization request is submitted, our system continuously monitors and updates its status. We utilize our comprehensive data on standard processing times from different Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to proactively reach out and obtain status updates on your behalf.

Automated Updates via Webhook

Upon receiving a response from a PBM, we will immediately relay the prior authorization status to you through a configured webhook. This ensures that you are promptly informed of any updates, including approvals, denials, or requests for additional information.

Proactive Monitoring

Our system’s proactive monitoring is designed to reduce your administrative burden and ensure timely updates. We regularly check the status of each authorization against typical PBM response times, allowing us to promptly address delays or additional requirements.

Manual Status Check

While our proactive approach typically keeps you well-informed, there may be occasions when you require an additional status update outside of our standard monitoring schedule. In such cases, you can use this endpoint to trigger an extra status check.

Receiving Your Results

The results of the manually triggered status check, like all updates, will be provided to you through the webhook. This means you will receive the status information in a consistent and efficient manner, aligned with our automated updates.

By providing both automated and manual options for status updates, we ensure that you have complete and timely visibility into the prior authorization process, allowing you to better manage patient care and expectations.



Bearer authentication header of the form Bearer <token>, where <token> is your auth token.

Path Parameters


The ID returned on a previous prior authorization request.


200 - application/json

The unique identifier of the prior authorization request.